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Tales of a single girl: Embracing Change

October 31, 2013

My first week single was a truly interesting experience. I didn’t know where would I start changing things about myself. Everything was chaos in my life, everything seemed painful for my heart, even while I was trying to lift up my mood. Those moments that made the relationship, the things you said to each other, the things you didn’t say, the experiences that both of us shared, everything about it became painful to remember. However, when I finally came to terms with that pain, I understood almost everything. It was not easy, and I think it was a process, a very difficult process indeed. It is however a process I will get over. How am I going to get over it and when? I do not know yet, but the most important step I have done so far is to become accepting of the idea that I am not going to share any more time with that person. I will accept the ideas that I am going to invest more time on myself, that I will make my own decisions under my own rules. In other words: I’m going to embrace CHANGE.

amor fati

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