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December 23, 2012

Life is about moments. When I was a little girl I used to write a lot about everything. It was just my brain, my pencil, my diary, and me. I always expected my “Pascualina” (a type of pocket agenda) right as I was finishing the previous one. I enjoyed taking notes about my day-to-day life there. Eventually I decided to create my personal blog in 2004. I made a LiveJournal account but I always had my pen-and-paper journal with me. I have realized it is quite different to write in a piece of paper or a book than it is to write with a keyboard and a computer screen.

This year has been strange. I love to write in my blogs, but ever since I had my netbook I can’t get inspired to write a lot. I used to take notes on my pink journal. It was filled with more than 200 pages of information about my meetings, classes, and everything else related to my creative life. I wrote on it even at night when I could not sleep. Sadly, I lost it some time back in a seminar, and I miss it now because it was the journal I kept most of my things in. I also have an Evernote account, but the feeling to write something in a piece of paper is way different.

Yesterday I received my first Christmas: two journals! One of them will be dedicated about my professional life, the other one is about my life and the things I was to do before I die. I have realized the importance of leaving a legacy behind and also to inspire and share your dreams. That is one of my goals in life: to write a journal so my children and grandchildren can use that as a reference along with my personal wisdom. I know they will probably read my blog, but I want them to have something more personal: my journal


I love the “brainstorming section. It is going to be very useful the next year!


This is the other journal. It is very strange to find these particular journals, but they exist! And I’m in love with them.



On the other hand you can’t share everything with everyone. Therefore, I believe that if you want your projects to be confidential a journal is also a good way to do so (and of course, you have to take care that your journal does not fall in the hands of nosy people).

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